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A hitch with the caps.

So most of the caps aren’t correct. I think because of the pattern, production got confused and sewed panels on incorrectly. To the naked eye it’s not really noticeable (hard to see both side at the same time). But it’s not as designed. Waiting to see what the resolution is going to be.

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New Map Project: Highways of the United States

At long last, I can finally unveil my (almost) completed map project that i’ve been working on since May 31, 2012. Yes, 2012!

I’ve given plenty of teasers about this project over the last two years, but I still think the final scale of it will amaze you. Not only have I created a map of the entire United States that shows every single last active and numbered Interstate Highway and U.S. Route (both two- and three-digit), but I’ve also broken the map down into separate state and regional maps. So far, I’ve made 33 of these maps and there’s another 11 to go to complete the set. There aren’t 48 state maps because some of them are just too small to show individually (I’m looking at you, Rhode Island!). These are included in regional maps like New England or Chesapeake (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC).

More details about the project and better image previews can be found on my main design website. Head on over to read about the main US map, or about the individual state and regional maps.

Posters in a variety of sizes are available in my brand new shop. Orders taken up to the end of the month of April are pre-orders; I expect to begin shipping in the first week of May.

Comments, reblogs, likes, and shares are appreciated to spread the word! Let me know what you think, or let me know if you find any glaring errors.

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Eclectic Touch by BVD

L.A. in May.



Andy Shore

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up there.



Yuko Higuchi’s artwork combines so many of our favourite things, such as tentacles, cats and anthropomorphism, that looking at her drawings feels like we’ve fallen down a rabbit hole created just for us. We were delighted to learn that the adorable kitty featured in so many Yuko’s pieces is based on her own pet cat named Boris. He’s her primary source of inspiration.

These pieces are just a small sampling of Yuko Higuchi's surreal world. You can see lots more of her artwork on Facebook, via Twitter, or right here on Tumblr. She also recently published her very first illustrated book.

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I want on my body

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Camo Aerospoke / Singapore Loh (by Father_TU)


Images by: Darby Lahger (Old Hag)

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